Global Cooperation in Cyberspace Initiative

th (3)Dear Colleagues,


The EastWest Institute is leading a Global Cooperation in Cyberspace Initiative to help make cyberspace more secure and predictable. As part of that initiative, EWI has established a “breakthrough group” that is working to enhance cybersecurity for governments and enterprises globally by enabling the availability and use of more secure information and communication technology (ICT) products and services.


For providers in the ICT supply chain, the group is promoting the use of recognized and proven international standards and best practices that improve product and service integrity. For buyers of ICT, the group is working to foster the use of procurement practices that are founded on recognized and proven standards and best practices for secure ICT.


This request for input asks you to evaluate a set of principles, relevant and appropriate standards and best practices, and a set of questions for buyers and providers that will provide practical guideposts for evaluating and enhancing the security of ICT products and services.


Please complete the following request for input by December 7th.


The link for the request for input is:



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Global Cooperation in Cyberspace Initiative was originally published on The Puchi Herald Magazine

Terrorism, religion and us

imageRecent events in Paris raised once again out attention on terrorism, and fueled once again the trumpet of hate and rage.

It is horrible what happened, it is horrible because innocent people died, it is horrible because a God and a Religion have been used once again to justify what is only the pleasure of killing from sick animals, it is horrible because will bring a long chain of sufferance again even between muslins.

It is easy to see now people claiming we don’t have to accept Syrian refugee: at the end they are muslin too, and therefore terrorist.

Such an easy equation, you can hear it in the far right parties in Europe, between republican in USA…. nobody stop thinking that those terrorist never arrive as those poor people, they usually arrive in airplanes or train, do not put at stake their mission to cross the border on a sinking boat. they are trained and have money not as those poor desperate.

But those kind of arguments are useless to the truth holders. It is the same approach that ISIS use to justify their actions: they hold the truth. and when you hold the truth you do not need to analyze or listen to anything else than yourself.

So the result of ISIS actions are fuelling the voice of rage and racism against Muslim, and again this will lead to make those people isolated and not integrated, making more field to religious fundamentalism and other terrorism.

A perfect cycle that empower all the extremist form one side to the other.

And sure will be war, ISIS is a state, although not recognized, so will be sooner or later a traditional war. And probably USA and Russia and China and turkey will take part, so they will have the chance to solve also their internal problems with the Muslim or Buddhist or  Kurds communities with the consensus of the public opinion. because they will fight terrorism.

And Probably Iran will move too, with good reasons since ISIS theology consider Iranian as heretic or even worse, since they are not sunny.

And all have interests in that area, that is more useful to all in a never-ending state of turmoil because nobody want to give up its influence. as simple as that.

We cry for innocents slaughtered by filthy bastards, but we should also cry for the ones will die because of this ignominious act and because of the ones are fuelling this hate.

And now  it will also be easy to pass unnoticed more controls and less privacy, more unpleasant restrictions and trade barrier…all in the name of security.

But I want to be clear, the Muslin community everywhere can’t keep being silent. If they will not raise the voice against terrorism loud and clear, if they will not stop covering by keeping their mouth shout those corrupted members inside their people, they will fuel this rage and be s well responsible.

It is time to take responsibility, from all the part or will never be a solution. The only way to shut up the mouth of hate is to stand with proud against those atrocity and not be afraid to call them as they should be: heretics with only interest in blood and power, enjoying the  taste of blood, drunk by the power to give death, unable to create but only to destroy.


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Terrorism, religion and us was originally published on The Puchi Herald Magazine

The sunrise of hate and the sunset of reason

Statistics on political violence
Statistics on political violence (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I am a vivid LinkedIn user, I post on LinkedIn and read posts. Is a great way to understand and know the world outside. but lately I have seen a rise of hate comments and speeches that I find disturbing.

Mostly are related to political issues (quite understandable USA election are rising the bar of intolerance and violence between the contenders) but also ethnic and religious ones are present. The most deplorable are the ones related to the never ending war between Israel and Palestine and the reaction to muslin radicalism.

I am not a religious guy, I am agnostic, and I find revolting people using religion to justify their action of hate and violence, both side. I find revolting when people claim a land for “god’s” will, i find revolting when people distort history to justify that “right”, I find revolting when people call for violence against the other, all in the name of god, country, truth or freedom.

No matter if come from ISIS, some “questionable” government, far rights xenophobic parties, Christian, Muslin or Jews  fundamentalism, radical Zionism, or revolutionary communism … nothing good could come from not respecting the counterpart, and respect means to admit that the counterpart has its reason.

you will be hero or terrorist, depending if you will win or loose

Both contenders have their heroes, martyr that are seen as evil bringer of death from the other one. And this justify the chain of reactions. So you can kill because of a strip (charlie hebdo) and be considered an hero because of your god, or you can kill a kid on the sea and be considered a patriot because of another god.

Funny more the positions are radical more the contenders use to present “facts” in their distorted way, and I am almost sure most of them does not even realize that the truth is somewhere else, and they are just covering their need to be in the right spot, and the few ones that try to rise a bit of analysis or moderation are immediately attacked, more than the ones in the opposite side.

“…there are none so deaf as those who do not want to hear, there are none so blind as those who will not see…”

Alas in a world that keep considering the other an “enemy” and so ontologically evil it is hard to find hears and eyes open. at the end if your “truth” comes from god it is indisputable that the other one is wrong, and since the truth is there if they do not get it is because are evil.

So we keep seeing the right (or conservative) named fascist, the leftist communists as the Russian and Chinese (and for some USA people also the Europeans) , the muslin terrorist as most of the the middle eastern people, the Christian crusaders murderers of Muslims and so on. In a never-ending dualism where the other has no reason because the reason is all in one side. Above all there is the absolute ignorance of what most of those terms means: communism, democracy, fascism, free market (I am so sorry for Adam Smith) and so on,  are all used in a distorted way, that not even resemble the original meaning.

History is distorted as well, with the most recent facts but also ancient and consolidated, omitting or denying, no more or less as the revisionists deny the mass murdering done by the Nazis during the second world war. But we are all Bonaparte’s sons: it is not the map in error, is the battlefield that is wrong ….

And this allow us to make the sweetest generalization because if you don’t agree with me you are against me, and so your objections are not real but vicious lies.

We are so deep into this kind of thinking that if you care about environmental problems or climate change you are a communist…the earth is not changing its climate because of mankind…. come on really? Does history teach anything to any of us? Again science is under suspicion? And believing in climate change makes you left or right? And if I believe in the theory of strings what am I?

On the other end, people happily believe in creationism, why they should even go further…they know the truth…

(and yes evolutionism is a theory, as everything else in science, as the dinosaurs extinction because of a meteor and the other 5 big extinctions on hearth … this is what science is about)

Yes we made also science (again) a matter of left and right, good or evil. Even science has been caught in this loop, like if physics of our universe does really care about our silly disputes. Seems that the age of enlightenment has passed away with no trace, and we are turned back to the darkest middle age: age of slaughtering and crusades although, we should remember, of technical innovations. would be funny if, in the meanwhile, people die.

There are voices that try to call to reason; funny enough, the head of the catholic church, pope Francis, who would be supposedly on one side, is continuously asking for a more open approach, even about relationships between religions, may be for this reason has been called “communists”, quite funny i have to say.

But in a world that cherish violence and hate speech against moderation and real talking what could we expect.

I will keep reading post on LinkedIn, sometimes makes comment. And I will keep listening to tv news and politics making fun of reality to present their vision of the world, and I will keep trying to teach my daughter that there is never one reason and one truth, and only keeping an open mind, listening and watching some sparks of the truth could be seen.

Prove me wrong, I will listen.




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The sunrise of hate and the sunset of reason was originally published on The Puchi Herald Magazine