Privacy Shield just born already dead

The new move coming form the other side of the Ocean (and yes I mean USA) is aligned with Mr. Trump approach to international agreements.

After Paris climate agreement Donald Trump presidency is shining again in its confrontation with old europe.

The target now is the Privacy Shield Agreement, the agreement that has been reached between USA and EU in order to protect the privacy of EU citizen whose data are collected by USA company.

It should not comes out as a surprise, historically the to side of the ocean have had a deep different approach to personal data protection.

Now accordingly to section 14 of the just signed Trump’s executive order “Executive Order on Public Safety”, USA law enforcement agencies have to explicitly strip out from their privacy policies all non US citizen and Resident.

In other words no protection is assured to the data associated to EU citizen stored in USA datacenters.

Under the Privacy Shield, EU citizens have rights to redress – including judicial redress – for improper disclosure of their data. The Judicial Redress Act (JRA) of 2015, which extended to EU citizens the protections of the Privacy Act of 1974, was critical to European acceptance of the Privacy Shield.

Last month, with a stroke of the pen that could unsettle EU privacy watchdogs, President Trump issued an executive order directing that federal agencies craft their privacy policies to exclude non-US citizens from Privacy Act protections.

This clearly broke the Privacy Shield agreement. For the few of you that remember the story this agreement comes out after the crashing of the previous SafeHarbour agreement.

Safe Harbour was declared ineffective by european supreme court of justice after the Prism activity form USA government was exposed. Now while europe is moving towards GDPR adoption and a strict set of rules in order to protect the privacy of EU citizen and resident, USA has loosen once again the rules exposing, as a matter of fact, EU citizen’s data to risk.

Considering the amount of data (from Facebook to Google, from Microsoft to Apple) that are under this protection act the magnitude of this is enormous, basically this unilateral USA decision put at stake most of the digital economy.

And just to be clear Privacy Shield was not perfect even from an European point of view: in September, an advocacy group known as Digital Rights Ireland asked the second highest European Court to annul the agreement on the grounds that it doesn’t provide enough privacy protection for EU data. Shortly thereafter, a French civil liberties group filed a similar suit. So the new Trump’s administration moves hardly will encounter an easy acceptance in EU.

Now to be fair the impact of the new Executive Order against the Privacy Shield is not clear, someone in Trump administration is suggesting that eventual access to EU citizen data would be not due to mass surveillance and therefore the agreement is not in jeopardy, but considering precedents and the current relationships between USA and EU those sound more like empty words to address the internal USA electoral base (see us EU fault, we’re doing right) than a clear and honest analysis.

Some legal experts, however, have downplayed that concern by pointing out that the order seems to include an exception for Privacy Shield. But given the recent skittishness of European regulators about U.S. surveillance, calls are mounting for the White House to publicly reassure Europeans the order doesn’t affect their data.

We will see what will happen.

For sure the distance between USA and EU have not been bigger, and at the moment (but i am in the EU side) we are in the side for protect our planet from climate change, protect privacy and freedom of citizen from unwanted access.


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Privacy Shield just born already dead was originally published on The Puchi Herald Magazine

the hypocrisy of religious extremism

killing for godNo matter wich side you watch it, religious extremism is always using things to justify its own acts.

There is no place for self-criticism, just only God rules as they claim to be. Science is one of the first victim, as well as the freedom of speech and the right to criticism.

No other idea can be admitted, just only the truth and righteous one, and of course there are only a few that can show what this truth is.


Can be the Koran, the Bible, the Torah and Talmud or the Book of Mormon, we always find someone who knows the truth and because of that truth claim the others are bad.

But the most intriguing thing about religious extremism is that they pretend to apply their moral to all the others because they (the extremists) are the righteous and they reserve themselves the right to use any instrument, even the most evil according to their belief, to fight their war.

So if a non muslim make a drawing of the prophet can be killed, because the moral standard is applied to himher even if with a different religion. Even if this happen in a country where this is not considered against the law. This means that it is not allowed to anyone to act with a different standard even if those acts does not put in danger anyone.

Censorship is not new, the extremism here is that it led to violence, unjustified rage and even murder. I’ve seen even in the recent past blaming drawing (movies, plays, books) on christians and christianity, but luckily the violent reactions are related to a strictly small part of the population.

The aim justify all, this is the reason that allow killings even using kids as a weapon to give murder: just remember the last shocking episode of the ISILISIS video of the kid killing two men, or the use BOKO HARAM did of the 10 yold with bombs. But just to be clear, we could find out that in Central African Republic (CAR) the slayers are Christians and the lambs are the Muslims check this article :

Christian militias take bloody revenge on Muslims in Central African Republic

This double standard is also used toward science and education: they reject modernity but use the same istrument the blam to recruit and talk.

Internet is not allowed but it is used as an instrument of propaganda. The interesting thing is that those movements have toward technology and science a sort of parasite attitude. Rejecting instruction from basic to higher layer they, basically, do not give any contribution to the developing of a technology safe environment, on the contrary use it only for purpose that are not even allowed in their own environment.

So they depend on technology to move the war against the world that create that technology, and acquire the technology using some of the dirtiest methods like, as an example, selling drugs.

So the good and righteous are allowed to do the same thing they blame on other. This is not a blueprint of Islam, most of the extremist religious movements have this kind of approach, that sometimes can lead to killing. May be someone remember the christian extremist campaign against abortion in USA, that lead some adepts to kill, or the homophobic campaign in some countries that find Muslims and Christians on the same side to blame, put in jail and even kills people with a “different” sexuality.

Religious extremism at the end live with a dangerous mix of hypocrisy, facts distortion, and the tendency to use tribal or ethnic costumes inside its complex set of rules. The reason is simple, to be more attractive and safe it represent an old idyllic time where the righteous were ruling that area.

This not always lead those movement to terrorism or killing, of course, but the same process that justify the denial of evolution or the use of modern technology can grow further up to mass murdering.

This is the denial of the world as it is, and the will to force it into religious parameters that can be controlled.

At a certain level we all have this inside us, the problem is that extremists close completely the door to any confrontation, they do not see, not hear but the words of their guide.

Of course this is not only a problem related to religious communities, we can have also political belief that degenerate into such madness, in Italy we saw it both in the far right and far left movements during the age of internal terrorism.

it is always the same:

we are right so anything we do is justified,

  • if you are not with us you’re against us,
  • you have to respect our belief but we do not respect yours since is bad and evil
  • you have to respect our customs and traditions, we will not follow your rules that are blaspheme or immoral
  • if we do it is because we are fighting for the good cause, if you do it you’re an evil monster
  • anybody can be a target, no one is without guilt

But religious belief make this stronger and God is always a good reason to justify the most terrible actions, may be you remember what was written on the Nazi’s SS belt buckle: gott mit uns gott mit uns

One interesting result of the extremists is the raising of islamophobia in western world. If you try to check out statistics about the perception on Islam around the world it’s clear that there is a raise of fear against this religion, without distinction between extremist and non-extremist.

The takeout is the rising of movement against islamic community that has as a result the  of that community. In other words hate feed hate.

And does not make any sense to bring the attention to facts on both part, being extremist makes you invulnerable to facts, you follow your path no matter what.


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the hypocrisy of religious extremism was originally published on The Puchi Herald Magazine