Charlie Hebdo: I’m with you guys

Let say it straight, what happened yesterday in Paris has been terrible. I do not have the all the words to describe all the feeling I am going through.

Rage, sadness, fear, shock … I could not believe it, and still I can’t understand how someone could kill in the name of a god someone else just because of a drowing, a statement, a word… they killed people who dare to express their respect for freedom using pencils and words.

There is no justification, and there are not religious beliefs that can justify acts like that one.

This is not Islam: the poor policemen killed by those brainless killer was a real musilm, someone who gave his life for the others; no those disgusting killers are not muslim at all, the killers with this act have blasphemed against their god, their beliefs, their religion.

Wahhabism have forced a radicalism inside Islam that helped to rise a generation of hate inside muslins, claiming that people not being Wahhabist are an enemy of Islam and all the muslims, but this was not a general belief in the Islamic word.

I do hope that also in the islamic world would rise a voice against such integralist and radical view of the religion, and hope that the western world will be able to react withouth just shooting against every muslim and forcing another form of extremism otherwise Charlie will die again.

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Charlie Hebdo: I’m with you guys was originally published on The Puchi Herald Magazine