15 Of The Worst Neon Sign Fails Ever

Companies pay a lot of attention to their billboards and signs. However, when installing a neon sign you have to be extra careful. Lights WILL go out, and once it does you'll end up with "hell" instead of "Shell", and "Hoe Carnival" instead of "Shoe Carnival".

Shameless has collected the best of the worst neon sign fails. So if you are a business owner who has or is planning to have a neon sign – take a really close look and try to see what can go wrong. Not all publicity is good publicity. Also, if you have an image of a broken neon sign that got a funny new meaning, submit it below!

#1 Hillsdale

#2 Shell

#3 Hotel Cass

#4 London Drugs

#5 Buttrey Rental

#6 Harmons

#7 Fuddruckers

#8 Morrisons


#9 Elmhurst


#10 Scrapbooks


#11 First American Title


#12 Cocktail Lounge

i#13 Ortiz Funeral Home


#14 Angus Steak Houses


#15 Amusements

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15 Of The Worst Neon Sign Fails Ever was originally published on The Puchi Herald Magazine

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