Take the number of car “rigged” by Volkswagen (11 million), multiply it by three, and convert all in euro: well, that is the “golden handshake” with which the former ceo resigned yesterday, Martin Winterkorn will return home. 33 million in total.

Specifically, for the man who says he’s not “doing anything” and he learned of Dieselgate from newspapers, there will be a Board from 28.6 million. And  what emerges from the annual report, which Bloomberg says, “does not write down conditions for which the amount might not be paid. plus probably 2 years wage (is a manager leaving at the end) that bring things to 33 Million Euros.
So basically the guy will bring home more money I could do in several life just because he granted his company the biggest car scandal in recent history, an image damage that will be very hard to be recovered, some financial problems and of course a lot of money wasted into the sink.
guys this is great, Can I apply for a role of manager in VW, I can do even worse for far less money, I promise :)
I am truly sorry if the guys didn’t know, I mean is just the CEO, it has nothing to do with the life of the company he is ruling, no responsibility at all, as well there will be no responsible in all the management chain, probably the guilty is just the technician who wrote the faulty  code …
I wonder if any of hose guys will feel any moral and ethic responsibility for every worker that will lose his job because of their action. probably not, since they use to judge themselves in a closed circle.
 Again let me stress out that what was worse, in this affair, is that nobody made a correct risk analysis if would worth not to be compliant or not. if the cost is way more high than the benefits it simply does not make any sense to cheat. so it is not only morally, ethically and legally wrong, but also wrong from a management point of view.
But for being a bad manager people got 33 million Euro, payment probably related to the level of damage they did to the company, why managers should care? at the end someone else will pay the bill.
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How much worth scamming your customers, governments and sinking your brand? was originally published on The Puchi Herald Magazine

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