although I would like to say I reached a stellar audience this means just that I have changed my purchased hosting package from the very basic one to a “cloud” service offered by my hosting provider (

Why I did this? well basically the main reason was to address a performance issue, every time a spammer (my basic audience) was trying to hack my site the system was not able to process the request and goes down.

I mean it is not fair to have a blog and not being able to offer a minimum of service to those kind spammers that comes to make comment on my posts, so I upgraded the service.

I do hope to see less notification from Jetpack engine that my site is down, wait this could not necessary means that performance are better, but can means nobody would come anymore here. Well I want to be positive and I hope for the first (a realistic would bet on the second, lol).

I will plan also a major redesign sooner or later, as well as an optimization of my other presences (blogs, social networks, sites….) so keep in touch

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I moved my site to the cloud was originally published on The Puchi Herald Magazine


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