time sto say something about my first days here in Shenzhen. I passed a whole week now and I have a better vision. I have to admit I like this place, people is kind and the work environment here in Huawei is great.

The Hotel room is not the most luxurious (I’m at Elite Garden Hotel) but the overall impression is really positive, clean and good service, outside there is a lot of trees and it is a pleasure to walk around. Services like gym, swimming pool, areas to play basketball (not for me of course)…everything looks great.

Then the food, guys if you have ever been used to Italian company restaurant this will amaze you for quality and price. of course you have to like Chinese food, but believe me is great. From breakfast to dinner you have a great choiche of good affordable food.

And when you go to restaurants, or try the chinese wine…. is a great experience, believe me.

As I told before people is great, really kind and try to make you feel comfortable. I’ve been lucky enought to find a great group to work with.

I will have more time to explore and learn about this incredibly wonderful country, but as of today I have to say that China is worth the flight!

back soon



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After a few days in Shenzhen was originally published on The Puchi Herald Magazine

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