Cathedral of Pavia.
Cathedral of Pavia. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Day one, getting ready .

I’m going to Shenzhen,  my first visit to china started with a tight schedule. Finally i got the visa this morning, as the ticket to flight. I went to chinese consulate by train from Pavia, thanks Cucciolina to drive me to Pavia station, to collect my passport with visa, then I used Uber for the first time to go to the airport. Good service, cheap and you can pay with paypal…..
Now at linate airport, checkin is still closed but the warn us that because of a private airplain that should be removed ther could be delay and cancellations. A private plain … that remind me bad things. But seems ok now, they just told us that the plane has been removed, may be it is just the udual italian bad parking attitude.
I miss my family when i travel, wish to share the experience with Cucciolina and Xiadani. Ok let me check if i can check in. See you later.

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Pavia Shenzhen was originally published on The Puchi Herald Magazine

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