May be some of you already noticed that, things have changed those months and I have changed my role in Cisco.  this has lead to some changes, and at the end I think is time to make those changes official.
This blog was born during my IronPort times to provide some support to our channel, customer and tech community with some technical advice and interesting news.
Now I am in the greatest Cisco family and not more focused on Italy I have to make some choices.
I want to maintain the technical focus of this blog, since this is the main reason I made it alive, but as well I need to broaden the audience so I will embrace English as the reference language.
This will still be my blog and not an official  “voice” of cisco and I will post whatever I think could be useful or relevant to the security technical community. we will have discussion on cisco products, for sure, since those are the ones I know better, but I will post also on general issues related to security.
To provide support to the ones who do not like my English (sorry for native speakers ) on the blog page, right on the left, I have put a Google gadget for translation.
Thanks for following me all those years, and I hope to have you on board in the future.
good night

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From Italian to English was originally published on The Puchi Herald Magazine