The Puchi Herald and The World Wide Wasting Time Foundation proudly present a new worldwide campaign to leverage a green environmental awareness to all internet users.

After the Well known campaign “Think before you Print” we realized that the main reason people print email is just that email are written. no matter how you tell people to not print, there always be the moron that need to print everything just because….

So here the idea: how we save environment and time?


Most of the mail you send around are useless, dangerous or eve worse boring. “Think before you Write!” will help you to stop that impulse to write to your colleagues, your boss, your managers, your friends useless thing they would live better without.

Seriously most of the mail you write are so boring and useless that often spam is a fresh air moment. the less you write the better will be for everyone.

so, once again, for yourself, for your friends, for your colleagues for the humanity and the whole environment:


Think Before you Write!

The world will thank you!



An Amazing New World Wide Green Awareness Campaign was originally published on The Puchi Herald Magazine