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The king is dead, Hail to the king.

I know there are, in this moments, real tragedies right now in the world, I know that there are a lot of more serious, important things to do but…

Sometimes there are performers, artists that makes the difference. I think Michael Jackson is one of them.

Through a difficult life he was able to give us some of the most spectacular music moments ever.

Music is feeling, music is memories, music is our story, and Michael Jackson was a part of the story of most of us. I know there are people that, probably, have just a slight idea of what was the Jackson mania, other that never heard his song or bought his records…I saw him in a concert in Italy years ago, and probably I do realize now how lucky I have been. There will no be another chance, there will no be another Jacko.

Michael Jackson was not only one of the greatest pop performer ever, but also someone that changed the way we perceive music. I am not even sure that MTV would have been here without him, as well as I am not sure that the Black music, the Motown world, would have been part of our musical background. He was able to mix different musical genders, coming form Motown and working with Quincy Jones he created something new, he was able to dare to use Heavy Metal guitars in pop music …

He did to the music more or less what Elvis did. Both changed our way to listen to music, to see music, to feel music. Both made music really multicultural and open, and change for ever the way to perform. And as Elvis also Jacko will never die.

I know he was now 50, not more the Peter Pan he used to be; I know he used surgery to change himself into something else; I know that he experienced the shame of trials and accuses… but I know also that there will be a little part of him in my soul and memories.

I know I will try to make my daughter listen to his music and try to watch his videos, and may be she will understand why her old parents loved him.

I have to thank Michael Jackson, he made my life better.

So rest in peace Peter Pan, hope you’ll find your Neverland.








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Hail to Jacko was originally published on The Puchi Herald Magazine