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una breve guida al mass mailing:
– Usa solo indirizzi confermati
– Non comprare liste
– Segmenta il traffico
– Segmenta i tuoi destinatari
– Usa bassa tolleranza per le mail non richieste
– Limita il rate di invio a  “Friendly” levels
– DK sign
– Usa SPF / SenderID records
In generale :
1. Proper DNS PTR and A record for outbound delivery IP address(es).
2. Use of DomainKey and DKIM signature for better sender authentication.
3. Use SPF/SIDF if possible.
4. Rate limit by concurrent sessions and less than 500 messages per hour
to each destination domains per virtual gateway.
5. Limit default outgoing connections per domain to 10. Crank this up to
certain domains if everything appears OK and injection rates warrant it.
6. Configure appropriate bounce profile (retry schedule). Outgoing bounce profile should only attempt messages a couple of times – even a SINGLE attempt per message is often adequate. We default to 100 which is
way overkill for outbound mesages. Remember that this setting controls
reattempts after 4xx errors, not reattempts for downed hosts.
7. Consider limiting “max number of seconds in queue” for outgoing to 4 hours or less. If the system can’t reach the destination for that period you’re probably blacklisted there. Delay warning message can be sent to alert sender if needed. The default bounce profile also controls the “host retry” schedule. If you are going to limit the max time in queue to 4 hours, consider making the “maximum number of seconds to wait before retrying a host” 1800 == 30 minutes.
8. For marketing campaigns, update delivery list by reviewing the bounce log to remove the invalid destination addresses.
Destination control:

Yahoo.com – 8 concurrent connections, 15 recipients in 1 minutes

Hotmail.com – 10 concurrent connections, 25 recipients in 1 minutes

Gmail.com – 20 concurrent connections, 100 in 5 minutes

I seting raccomandati si possono trovare qui:

yahoo.com, gmail.com and
The below are the forms you can send to Yahoo.com and Gmail.com:-
Other web information:-

Mass Mailing: istruzioni per non essere blacklistati was originally published on The Puchi Herald Magazine